Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One extreme to the other!!

Could today finish off better than it started please?

Yesterday i thought the cooker was being installed - wrong.

Today the cooker was being installed - right and wrong!!

It was delivered but the engineers said it couldnt be fitted as it needed a new cooker amp on the wall (im just not technical so excuse me if im saying the wrong thing here - by this point i was a bubbling wreck)!
Apparently they couldnt come out again to fit it until i pay for an electrician to fit the right socket, no electricians available this side of Christmas so they left saying they would be back NEXT THURSDAY so i had until then to sort it out!!Lots of frantic phonecalls and one knight in shining armour later (omg i even called him that to his face and almost kissed him as he walked through the door!) i was informed that they could have fit it this morning if only they had read the manual properly and read that all it really needed was a plug fitting! Grrr!!

Gas man is coming tomorrow to install it and its just focusing on using the end product thats keeping me going right now - well that and a hubby who wouldnt stop at anything today to help his hormonally distraught wife! *huge kisses* we are.....looking at a spanking brand new cooker......reading Ree Drummonds cookbook (this deserves a post of its own so i will be elaborating on this once ive absorbed it all!).....and eating take away pizza!! extreme to the other! lol


  1. OH NO what a disaster. I'm glad you got it all sorted out in the end though Just think you can be baking til your hearts content next week in that geourgeous new oven ( I'm not jealous really lol)

  2. ARGHHH, why does that always happen? Can't wait to see what you are going to make. Your makes always look so scrummy. I am also REALLY pleased to hear that you also eat takeaway though, lol
    Rachael XX

  3. I had to wait from Christmas day to the middle of Feb before our cooker was delivered and allergic to microwave now!
    glad its sorted x

  4. Bloody idiots! Hope you get cooking your delights very, very soon!

    What a sweet hubby you have. I'd keep hold of that one if I were you!


  5. Oh Debbie you poor thing, I hate it when things dont go to plan - it's soooo frustrating but that beautiful cooker will be up and working in no time, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your mouth watering creations.
    Take Care Hun - Ju xxx

  6. Glad you are on your way to being sorted xx

  7. Debbie - I've got to ask how you dipped the marzipan fruits into the chocolate? Did you hold them with your fingers? Sorry it's such a dippy question. XX

  8. Sharon i dropped them into the chocolate, rolled them around with 2 forks and lifted them out with said forks letting them drip a little. Place them on the baking paper and it will still flood around the base a small amount :)

  9. Well I would never have thought of that! Thanks for letting me know - I'm going to have a go at doing some next week. Yummy - I'm doing the cranberry and white choc cookies tonight!

  10. Good luck with your oven. Not heard of Ree Drummond but been for a quick google she sounds fab please please let us know what her book is like - our library doesnt have it in. :(

  11. I have got to ask, as I am dying to find out. Did all go to plan with the oven.
    Love and hugs
    Rachael XX


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