Monday, 23 November 2009

Make your 5 a day more interesting!

These would make great presents and obviously the longer they are left to soak the more alcohol they will soak up and in turn the longer they are left before eating the more it will mature! :)
First of all soak your chosen dried or vacuum packed fruit overnight or so in your preferred alcohol....i used Grand Marnier for the prunes, Disaronno for the apricots and Dark rum for the dates.
Once they are soaked to your liking drain and either roll out (or cheat and buy the ready roll) marzipan...
Cut small squares and place one piece of fruit in the centre. Wrap up the sides and make sure there is no fruit showing through the marzipan, this way the chocolate wont actually touch the fruit itself (the alcohol may make the chocolate run before it sets)...
leave them to one side until they are all finished and ready to dip together...
This is the hard bit...let the chocolate set! Dont touch it, dont be tempted to try one (it wont stop at one!) ...
Once set, drizzle with white chocolate by holding a spoon high above the sweets and work backwards and forwards covering all the sweets at once...
Leave to set then remove from the paper and either dish up ready to serve or jar and give as very delicious pressies - you will be asked to make them again i promise!! :)
...erm this was one that i had to try, just so i could show you the insides you understand!! lol ;)


  1. These would make lovely presents to go in little handmade boxes.Lovely.x

  2. Thankyou once again for another inspiring post. I am just off now to soak some fruit. You are a total wonder. I really wish I had some of your energy.
    Rachael XX

  3. Thanks for posting this, I am definitley going to have a go at these, even for myself as it's not often I can have sweets like these due to a dairy intolerance, this will be a lovely treat!! (minus the white choc of course!)

  4. Oooh yum! these look fab and easy to do too. (Karen - ds has lactose intolerance so I know where you are coming from)

  5. Ohhh my very favourite chocolates are the one with alcohol soaked cherries and things from Hotel Chocolat but can rarely afford them. I'm definitely, DEFINITELY going to make some of these for my partner this Christmas. We are only doing token gifts to each other this year but I think these will be something special :)

  6. omgoodness they look delicious, right will add all that to shopping list :) thank you so much for sharing

  7. Hi Debbie,
    These look great and what a fantastic pressie!!
    I'm trying to create as many handmade gifts as possible this year and would be great to add to a hamper.
    Thanks for sharing my little inspiraion buddie.
    Take Care - Ju xxx

  8. YUM YUM!!! oh you've got me dribbling! they look soooooo yummy! of out tomorrow to buy fruit and booze and chocolate!!

  9. Wow they look fantastic, what a great gift - or to make for yourself...x

  10. Debbie will you stop now please - you are making me feel very inadequate and exceptionally hungry :D

    Hmmmmm, they look scrummy!

  11. these look gorgeous, great idea for gifts :)

  12. OMG, I absolutely must make these!
    I love the combo of rum and marzipan so I can tell these are going to be magnificent!


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