Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Coffee and Walnut Cake :) - Week 13.

Shopping list for this cake :)

Here we go...

Gather together your ingredients and preheat the oven to 180 degrees c.
Add all of the sponge mix ingredients to your mixing bowl.

Mix thoroughly until all blended.
Pour into your greased/lined tin.
Level off the top and pop in the preheated oven.
Bake for 35/40 minutes and once removed from oven leave to cool in the tin.
To make up the icing add all of the ingredients to the mixing bowl and thoroughly mix together.
Pour and smooth over the cake.
Try not to lick the spatula and make sure you have a plate or tray big enough so it doesnt drip over the sides - yep i had a lovely pool of coffee icing on my worktop!! LOL
Cut, serve and enjoy! xxx

One last little bit of eye candy - look what i picked up in TK Maxx for £3! Pot stand and tea towel. Perfect for spring, they are starting to sell off all their Easter goodies so keep your eyes open for bargains :)


  1. I definitely need to come to your house! That looks so yummy!

  2. Love the T K Max stuff it is so spring like!! Love your recipe however cannot stand Coffee or Walnuts so wont be making this one:(

    will be looking forward to next weeks delights


  3. Oooh this is definately getting put to the top of my to do list. YUMM. Thanks Jaqui x

  4. Funny story! When I arrived here in Canada, from England, I was offered some coffee cake. When I tasted it, there was no coffee taste to be found. Here, and I think in most of North America, coffee cake just means cake (any kind of cake) that you eat with a cup of coffee!!

  5. I love tk maxx for home bargains. They sell really unique items.I love what you purchased.cute!

    Box of Hearts


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