Thursday, 4 March 2010


I didnt realise the workmen would turn up at 7.45am, turn all the electricity and water off and not leave until late this afternoon.

I didnt realise how cold a house can get when all furniture is piled in the corner of each room and the doors all wide open.

I didnt realise that with no where to sit in the house just how comfortable it is to sleep in a car with the sun shining through the window warming your frozen toes and fingers.

I didnt realise how much work was going to have to be done now theyve moved the radiators up 6 inches or so in each room and had floorboards up etc..... still smiling though and i promise i will be back tomorrow with all the remaining Sweet pictures and tutorial etc......

Sorry! xxx


  1. Aww you poor thing! Can`t wait for the pics and tutorial tomorrow.

    Poppy x

  2. oo you poor so dont need that when your preggers either.. isnt there anywere you can escape to for a few days like your mums etc??..
    i hate having major work done.. i can cope with a bit of painting etc but when we had no bathroom the other week i thought id go insane.!!!
    hope things get done quickly for you

  3. I'm sure it will be nice once the work is done, but until then, try to find someplace comfortable to relax. Yes, the car can be quite a cozy place to be


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