Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Twisted Cauliflower Cheese :) - Week 10

This one is super easy, i think i may try adding less hard cheese and more soft cheese next time as it was a little too cheesy for me ........... i know that probably doesnt make sense what with it being cauliflower cheese but i like to taste the cauliflower too iykwim....(didnt i say cheese a lot there!) ooh and again!! ;)

Ok, gather all your ingredients (because i was making for 6 i used a little more creme fraiche and cheese, hence the 2 caulies, 2 tubs of cf and 3 blocks of cheese in the pic! lol

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
Gently fry the bacon and spring onions in a pan until the bacon is cooked through...
Grate the cheese and add ALL the ingredients to your oven proof dish.
Mix well.
Roll out your pastry to the size of your ovenproof dish. (This is when the kids want to join in!) lol
Lay over your mix and make 2 slits in the top to let the air out and stop the pastry from going soggy! Brush with the beaten egg.
Cook for 45mins to 1 hour but keep checking that the pastry isnt burning and that the cauliflower is cooked all the way through :)
Dish up and enjoy :) xxx

Sorry its late - we had it for tea tonight and after a hospital visit this morning things were running late all day! lol

Everything is fine and they confirmed that Evie is definately an Evie so all the pink will most certainly be used! :)


  1. Oh that sounds delish!!!
    Hope everything went ok with the hospital run.

  2. Mmmm that looks so tasty...will def try that sometime, Great news that Evie is still an Evie!! hugs xx

  3. Looks delicious, glad to hear you are still having a pink one!

  4. Yum, yum, that looks tasty! I will have to have a go at that one!

    So pleased that it has been confirmed that you are having a girl. Evie is such a beautiful name too.

    Take care

    Katrina xx

  5. Oooh sounds yummy, yum, yum.

    Congratulations that Evie is still Evie :D Yay!

  6. this looks flippin lush and I hate cauliflower.
    Deffo going to trial that on an unsuspecting-fuss-pants-ellie-wiseman!

  7. I've left a little sunshine for you on my blog.

  8. If I ate meat, I'd make that in a heartbeat!! I wonder if it's still good without the saltiness of the meat...? Need to try! Looks YUMMY!! :D

  9. think im goign to try this when we have my mum for tea.. she loves cauliflour cheese and i love pastry so it wins all round!!
    ooo how exciting about you having a little pink baby!!..
    hope everything went well at the hospital for you. i use to work myself up for about a week before any appt and then wonder why i had high blood pressure when i got there!!!

  10. Mmm delicious can`t wait to try this one out.
    Im glad hosp was ok and Evie is still Evie.

    Poppy x

  11. So glad your appt. went well. I love cauliflower and that dish looks so good!

  12. WOW! This looks and sounds so good! I need to give this one a try!

  13. Yumm! That's definately on my to do list :)

    congratulations on Evie being Evie :)

    Jaqui x

  14. Tried this. Absolutely yummy. I did it with an oaty crumble top instead of the pastry as I had oats but no pastry. Thanks for sharing it.


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