Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 10 - Twisted Cauliflower Cheese! *shopping list*

Im feeling the need for comfort food and for some reason i seem to be gravitating towards the recipes starting with C so Cauliflower cheese it is........not just normal cauliflower cheese though, this one has a few little twists...optional but yummy!!

Shopping List for Week 10!(lol i know this isnt cheddar but i liked the pic anyway!)

Serves 4

1 Large Cauliflower
8 Rashers of Bacon (optional)
8 Spring Onions
400 ml Creme Fraiche
200g Mature Cheddar Cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 tbsp Whole Grain Mustard (optional)
Ready Roll Puff Pastry
1 Egg, lightly beaten

Today im making lists. I seem to have so many things to do its nice to know things are being done and crossed off - it feels like im making progress, however long its taking me lately! lol


  1. Ooooh this sounds delicious.

  2. That sounds Scrummy, I had cravings for cauliflower cheese when I had Hannah my daughter!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I'm running behind on these recipes but cauliflower cheese is one of my most favourite things to eat in the world. This one is SO getting made this week! Yum!

  4. hmmmm sounds lovely Debbie. Your blog is such a good read, love visiting you. hugs Sharon

  5. Oh I love lists....there is something satisfying about making a list and crossing things off...I love them! This recipe looks great....I love cauliflower cheese...maybe my 2 little girls will try it if I make it like this!!! Enjoy the sunshine! :) Hugs to you, Bonnie xoxoxox

  6. Mmmmm, think we will be making that here.
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  7. Sounds delicious and perfect comfort food! Beats the tub of Pringles I`m currently scoffing!

    Poppy x

  8. The addition of pastry sounds interesting.

  9. I'm intrigued as to the pastry... Mmmm, it's making me hungry though!

  10. I'm looking forward to trying this one.


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