Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day, Hospital Bag and Harrogate!!

A complete H post today!! LOL

Happy Mothers Day to all fabulous yummy mummies out there - hope youre all getting spoiled rotten and taking it easy today! I was given breakfast in bed, pressies and cards, then told i wasnt allowed to do anything other than craft all day - i dropped some images on the floor earlier and the kids ran to pick them up for me!! Oh my, i can see me getting use to this!! :)

So far today i have completed a project for Bo Bunny about our 10 year anniversary last Oct (come 6th of May we have been together though for 15 years!) :)I have sent in my tutorial for P K Glitz which goes live on Tuesday.... and played with lots of images and papers!!Rachael has been telling me off for not packing my hospital bag so i can now proudly say ........... Its packed!! I did it yesterday and it brought back loads of memories while i was filling it with little scratch mits, bibs and teeny tiny nappies!! OMGoodness, my ticker is scaring the life out of me too - if you click on the numbers it tells you how many days etc.....not that im counting down or anything! ;)

What i am counting down for now is our trip next Saturday to Harrogate for the Papercraft Event! I cant wait, so excited to see some new goodies in real life, travel with Andrea and get to see Nets and hopefully lots of other familiar faces too!! If you see a waddling heavily pregnant woman please say hello - no matter how stressed i look i promise i dont bite! LOL ;)

Whats your plans for today??


  1. Glad your hospital bag is all packed...not long now for Evie... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! hugs XX

  2. Glad you are having alovely day - thinking I might be at Harrogate on Saturday - was originally going to be the Sunday - will keep my eyes peeled for you!!

  3. Eeek not long now Debbie. I copied your baby ticker and Ive got 34 days!
    Glad you have your bag sorted Hubby made sure mine was all done and ready. I have a huge holdall packed with all my bits plus my CK box bag with my toiletries in it - maybe I have gone overboard.
    I wish I was going to Harrogate, its such a lovely place I just don`t think I could manage the walking around the show. Hope you get some lovely goodies.
    Poppy x

  4. Hugs to you too Jackanne! xxx

    Yayy please do say hello Ali if you manage to get there :)

    PP - ive already emailed Andrea to tell her not to mind if she has to storm ahead and leave me! lol Im taking my crutches with me and im going to amble round slowly - i might even try to get one of those trolley things and whack some ankles in payback for every year ive been hit!! LOL ;)

  5. I am soooooo excited. And breathe..... xXx xXx

  6. Sounds like you have had a completely spoilt day and I mean that in a good way!!!... Love the LO of your 10 year anniversary... We have been married for 8 years in April and together 20 years on 24th March which coincidentally(sp) is the day we fly of to Tenerife...Here's to the next 10 years...xoxo

  7. Isn't it wondeful, all mothers can relate to the hospital bag, so exciting.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Glad your bag is packed ;)


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