Saturday, 17 April 2010

Baileys Cheesecake - Week 15 :)

Popping this step by step up 3 days late is forgiveable isnt it - oh go on, I promise not to do it again....well, until the next one!! (sssh dont tell my mum, she hoped my broody chip was taken out while i was there!) LOL

Ok here goes and this one is exactly why i like to do the step by step and try them myself before putting them on the blog. I have made amendments to the original recipe as a. There was just no need for some of the ingredients and b. The first one we made was far too sweet and not definate enough in flavour.

*Thanks to my lovely mum for making these for me and all i had to do was take the photos and taste cake* :D

Shopping list for week 15 - click here :)

Gather all the ingredients (leave out the gelatine as its simply better without and leave out the eggs too - you dont need the yolks or whites at all so no need to seperate etc)Place the butter and crushed biscuits into a pan and heat through until all the butter is soaked into the biscuit mix. Press into a greased 9in cake tin and chill before filling.Into a mixer place the cream cheese, double cream and sugar and whisk until almost stiff. (In the above pic you can see the egg yolks - this is because up until the point of pouring it into the tin im using the pictures from the first cheesecake we tried - the liquid was just too runny on the first one, this amended way is so much thicker and delicious!!)
Add Baileys and whisk until firm.Spoon onto the chilled base and decorate as you wish. (we used all the fresh fruit on the first one but this one is equally as delicious with that hint of fruit in the form of compote and chocolate chips!) YUM!Chill and serve :) (........or just grab a spoon and dive straight in!!) LOL

I couldnt go without sharing the first picture of Evie with her eyes open - i think shes going to be the most photographed baby ever! LOL


  1. She is so gorgeous.

    Cheesecake looks good too


  2. So cute, I want another baby now :p

  3. How are the boys taking to having a little Sister? Your Son looks so proud & protective!

  4. My goodness where DO you find the time? baby looks lovely

  5. Its official - you are super woman!!! Evie is beautiful (and the dessert doesnt look too bad either!!)

  6. Evie really is a gorgeous baby (almost broody here!).

    Thank your mum for making the dessert- it looks like one we'll definately be trying here.

    You really are doing well to be taking photos of that and blogging with a new little baby aswell!

    Many congratulations again!

  7. Debbie, you shouldn't even be blogging let alone baking!!!
    Evie is adorable(oh and you need to change your profile description now lol!)

  8. Candace the boys are loving her so much - they sit staring into her moses basket and are following around like a little cloud when anyone moves her.....she isnt going to have any privacy! LOL

    Honestly ladies, my mum is doing hardly allowed to leave the sofa so thats why im updating etc :) DH and the boys are home too so im being made cups of tea and told not to move all the time *bliss* Not to mention the fact Evie is a little angel and simply wakes, eats and sleeps!! She is really a little dream right now! :D

  9. She is gorgeous and the cheesecake looks yummy. You really are super woman but mom's are great aren't they? X

  10. I go away for a few days and we have a new addition to the blogging scene! Congratulations and well done! New additions that are as gorgeous as Evie are always welcome. (Do you think a 12 year gap is too big to start again ;0))
    Jille x

  11. The new pic of Evie is adorable! Yummy cheesecake too.
    Hope you are getting lots of rest and are being pampered.

    Poppy x

  12. OMG! She's lovely. A suprise too, from what you were saying I thought she might come a little early, but wasn't expecting to 'tune in' to see you had had her! Congratulations to you and your family. Well done. As for the recipies - don't worry they can wait. (though cheesecake does look very good).

  13. What a fabulous cheesecake and Evie is so pretty with her eyes open. I think she might have her momma's eyes ;)

  14. oh she is so yummy and the cake lol Toni xxx

  15. OMGosh she is so beautiful!! She has such beautiful eyes!! Lucky girl!! :) Im shocked your up cooking and everything with a new one! wow! you go girl! :)


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