Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tidy up Tuesday!!

Im one of those scrappers that need to have everything in sight....if its not there i forget to use it!! Hence i have this notice board above where i work and keep everything 'faffy' and light enough to be pinned up there ready to embellish cards etc....
I am going to have to make a dent in cleaning my work surface today though!! I thought I would shame myself into it! LOL Not as messy as it has been but theres still no where to work anymore! lol Take a look at the piccies I took this morning, this is after playing with the new Wonderfully Whimsical set of stamps by Becky Oehlers - how cute are these! All the elements are seperate, the little hill, each house, the sign, the bird and even the musical notes!! I cant wait to see if shes bringing any more whimsical sets out :)I covered the entire stamped image in Glossy Accents and its bled a little but it just makes it look as though its been raining, i think all the sparkle i sprinkled into the G.A helps!! LOL ;) Will have to leave it a little longer to set next time but im too impatient!

Updated bump pic too - it doesnt look too bad from the front does it?? LOL Now how about from the side!! EEK!! I feel massive but because its all bump its pretty uncomfortable on my ribcage when i sit etc....midwife said she doesnt feel too big and shes in a good position etc so with 3 weeks and 2 days to go im now just playing the waiting game :) (I cant get any bigger can i??) LOL


  1. firstly, I have to say your creative space looks just wonderful, and it's lovely to see just where you create your fabulous cards. Next I love that card, oohhh yummy stamp. And lastly, sorry, its not been long since I've been following your lovely blog, so BIG congratulations on baby bump, how wonderful :)

  2. I think you look wonderfully beautiful! I know that last month is incredibly long and un-comfy! :)

    Those stamps are terrific and your card is just adorable!

  3. Oh Debbie,
    You have a craft desk to die for - full of so much yummie lovelyness, you look like you are truly blooming - so beautiful.
    Take Care Honey and take it easy - Ju xxxx

  4. Debbie you look fab and I`m glad to know I`m not the only one with a huge bump!
    What a great crafting desk you have with loads of great goodies!

    Poppy x

  5. now Debbie... you can still sit at your desk.. so you are doing fine as far as bump is concerned...lol.. and 3 weeks ofcourse you can still get bigger....lol... it is a very impressive bump...!!! lol.. i love your card... the scene you have put together is brilliant...!!! and i love your message board idea...!!!

  6. Hi Debbie, Great minds think alike, I have just been sorting my wools and fabrics only yesterday and found things I forgot I had(terrible). Have too say my space dose not look as tidy as yours though. The big day will soon be near, I know it must be really awkward for you I remember it so well for myself. take care, Julie.C

  7. I really wish I'd taken some photos of the 'bump'! I had twins and only got to 35 weeks- but I think I would have popped had I gone any longer! I remember not being able to sit up because they seemed to be in the ribcage and everywhere else!

    Best wishes for the rest of the pregnancy.

  8. hello gorgeous, you have an extra craft space though, the 'Evie bump' :)

  9. Love that set so cute and great card :) Love your baby bump... looks like your ready to bring the little cutie into the world :D

  10. Gorgeous card. Can't wait to see pics of the tidied up craft space, lol. Hoped the last wee bit time doesn't go on forever - I know how uncomfy and tiring it can be - and I'm dying to see this gorgeous wee girl, lol
    Suzanne x

  11. Very nice tidying Debbie, the notice board is a great idea for all those little bits and pieces.

    I am still lusting after your ink pad stash... and the new whimsical Papertrey stamps! LOL

    And the bump is glorious - I can't believe it's only 23 days to go!

  12. Debbie just wanted to say, you look great! Now rest for the next few weeks because there won't be time for much of that after the baby comes.

    Love your desk, just wish I had a space to craft instead of the dining room table, kitchen work surface, floor and oh yes even the ironing board has been used!

    Started on creating my 'creative space' area but at the stage of painting it and just don't seem to have the time. This was one of the jobs this Easter but like the reat never got done!

    Lovely card, those stamps look great.


  13. Your craft desk looks like mine! lol!

    and...you look beautiful!

  14. Oh my god Debbie you look lovely, just don't let anyone near you with a pin!!

  15. Your craft space is still tidier than mine right now hehe. I keep putting off tidying up.

    You look great. Evie is going to love her Mummy as soon as she sees you! Not long now : )

  16. Your card is devine, so sweet and fresh-looking. Your baby bump is beautiful :)

  17. Ok first, loving the bump, lol. I remember that feeling well - the last few weeks feel as long as the first 8 months!!

    Second, you've now made me need that stamp set!! I was REALLY trying to convince myself I didn't but this card is just SOOOO cute I just can't live without it now!!

    And third - I love the idea of keeping all your little bits pinned onto a board - very handy indeed!

    Caryn xxx

  18. Hello!

    I wanted to thank you for coming to my blog and following it! Your blog is so cute, love the background!

    I'm glad I stopped by, I had never heard of the Whimsical stamps before and they are so cute!

    Hope you are doing well (I see baby on the way...YEAH!) have a great day.


  19. You're looking great Debbie - have you started nesting yet!:o) Such a cute card and I love the Glossy Accents - what a great idea!

  20. how I would love to come play at your desk! all your lovely goodies!

    such a beautiful card hunny, love your soft colouring!

    amazing bump! reminds me of my monstrous bump size when I was having sophie......wish I could tell you that you wont get bigger...but I would be telling porkies!....only a little bit more! hope everything goes well for you, {{hugs}}mandyxx


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