Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shortbread - week 17, Bloghops and stickers!!

As i still havent had chance to find the rice flour i thought i would go ahead and post the details from Claire and then edit with pics once ive made it.....if you make yours before i upload my pics give me a yell and i will pop a link up for others to see :)Words are copied and pasted from Claires email so im handing over to her now :)

Here is my all time favourite recipe. This recipe is the result of my footering in the kitchen over the years trying various recipes and tinkering about till I came up with a failsafe formula. It takes less than five mins to prepare this and not much longer to cook.

  • 8oz plain flour
  • 8oz unsalted butter
  • 4.5 oz icing sugar (I believe the american for this is confectioners sugar - anyhow it's the real fine stuff, like sugar dust)
  • 4.5oz really fine rice flour

What to do:
  1. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl until it looks like fine breadcrumbs.
  2. Pour it out into one large baking tray or two small ones - I have two 8"x 11" trays that I use for this. You want a tray that has sides but not too deep.
  3. Give your tray a shake to make sure you have a fairly even layer of crumbs all over. Do not be tempted to use a wooden spoon or any thing else to smooth out the shortbread.
  4. Bake at about 170 degrees centigrade/325 farenheit/gas mark 3 until the shortbread is a light brown colour. Mark/cut into squares while it is still warm but leave it in the tin to cool.
  5. Eat.

Alternatively, for shortbread circles like I made below, punch out a couple of dozen circles of waxproof paper/baking paper and line the bottom of muffin tins with them - put a spoonful of mixture in each hollow and shake the tray to even it all out.


Thank you so much Claire and they really do look mouthwatering!! :D

On another note look what i managed to pick up in Accessorize the other day! £1.75/£2.00 a pack and there are masses on each sheet - i adore the little birds!!
We have blog hops coming up this weekend from Bo Bunny AND Banana Frog - remember to check their blogs to know where to start off the hops and comment on the posts for a chance to win some goodies :D :D


  1. Debbie,

    Really Fine Rice Flour is just like cornflour. I use this as an alternative in my Shortbread recipe. Makes it light and crumbly!


  2. I use fround rice, much easier to find and does just as good a job

  3. yum yum, you have me drooling! adore those little stickers!

    hope you and your little bundle of pinkness and family are doing ok, hugs mandyxx

  4. Love the use of the word footering!!!!


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