Saturday, 10 April 2010

TGITW - thank goodness its the weekend!! LOL

This first week of the Easter Holidays seems to have gone so slow - the kids are so happy with that as theyve just realised they have another week off!! LOL I love the fact its sunny and theyre out in the garden running off some energy and im off to join them in a minute - i will not be running however, more sitting with a book or something! LOL

Over at Moxie Fab World the challenge is almost over for paper piecing so i thought i best get a move on and upload my card!!I just received the bird punch and these fab tiny sweet holders from Sarah K who is a rep for Stampin' Up - how cute are these little cups, you can fill them with anything and attach to cards etc! :)

Last night we had a late night as i let the boys stay up to watch Harry Potter (why ITV put HP on to finish at 10.45pm is beyond me but hey!), we ate sherbet pips, cola cubes and snuggled with almost all of us making it to the end of the movie! :) How cute does he look and he did so well, he only missed the last half hour!


  1. Gorgeous card Debbie and i love the fact that it holds little sweets, your little one looks so sweet [dont they always looks gorgeous when they've nodded off]
    Have a fab weekend - Ju xx

  2. What a gorgeous card love the treat cup. Jaqui x

  3. aww bless your son asleep on the sofa, My middle son whos 4 saw the pic and thought it was a pic of my eldest (6yrs).

    Your card is fab, love the idea of putting sweets on it :)

    from tracey x

  4. I've nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award on my blog xxx

  5. That is such a pretty card! I think I'm going to HAVE TO HAVE that punch.

  6. Do you know, BBC3 did the exact same thing with Shark Tale the other night. Ridiculous hour to put it on even if it is a holiday. My middle one is sparko by 9pm.

  7. Hey Debbie! Thanks so much for entering the Picking Up the Pieces Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)


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