Friday, 9 April 2010

Over to you....

I want to highlight some of YOUR recipes for the weekly challenge so im asking today for people to email me at ...


...with your go to recipe - it doesnt need to be a step by step photo email just a quick outline of what the overall dish is! :) Do you have one you bring out at dinner parties or one you always fall back on when everything else fails - do you have a special cake recipe that has been passed down through the years?

It can be sweet or savoury, starter, main or desert. It could be a one pot wonder or perfect little sweets. It could even be a sauce or preserve - we have 52 weeks to cover so im sure a huge mix would be perfect :)

I will send a goodie bag to anyone whos recipe we use! :)

Because i hate doing a post without piccies heres the challenge card i made for the Bo Bunny blog - we had to take an image and recreate it ..... i went down the card route with the fab Sophie papers and embellishments! *swoon*


  1. Love your card Debbie and what a great idea to feature readers' fave recipes... I'll put my thinking cap on! Have a good weekend hun, hope you and bump are well! Kate x

  2. Love the crafting. Thinking of my favorite recipe will take some time as I have so many to choose from. Probably be of the sweet variety

  3. I'll have a think ;) I've had to make two, TWO huge malteaser cakes today as that's what my eldest has requested for her birthday. One for us and one for visitors arriving with pressies! I'm on blimming Slimming World so got a teeny slice! See what you've started?? :P

  4. Great project and Congrats on the CARDS Magazine Blog feature!!

  5. Cute project... I love the Sophie line :)


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