Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another sneak at some pretties!

I think by now everyone knows my love of birdcages, cakestands and of course owls!
Look at this fabulous little chunky bundle of goodness! Hes around 2 inches tall and an inch wide - hes gorgeous!!This little fella was just begging to be mine on the open day of Vintage Princess Jewellery - inside City Attic in Durham town centre. Not only is this shop well worth a visit for the pretty jewellery but Hayley who owns City Attic is one of the nicest people who will help with anything - I have told her im moving into the shop at some point as its just too pretty to leave!

During an earlier visit to TK MAXX I found this stunning plate in the sale aisle - it was £6 and is pure glass with a bird egg transfer through it (does that make sense?) I can just imagine it at easter with little birdsnest cakes or cupcakes with teeny little spotted chocolate eggs! The nest was from another little boutique in Durham (£3.95) and my gorgeous owl resides in there when hes not round my neck! :)
You know when you imagine Christmas and the reindeers prancing across the sky - theres this far away little tinkle of bells that doesnt sound quite real but also brings an air of magic.....well I found the culprit!! This gorgeous heart makes the most magical tinkle of their little bells.....yes I did get told off for playing with them all the way home! lol
Now this is a new venture for me! I have never played with resin or made anything like this before (ok ive played with plastercine but does that count?) Im going to try and make some buttons for my layouts and i adore the butterflies which i think will look fabulous framed! I promise I will show what I make :)
Last but not least...what do they say are a girls best friend?? Heck even if theyre fake ones, as long as they sparkle and look pretty we can be friends yes?!
I picked up a packet of gems at Dainty supplies in Washington - I have a zillion table decorations but none that are actually cut like real gems! I adore the way these catch the light and when i got home and worked out how many were in the pack I was even more happy - theres 18 large and 28 small gems.LOOK at the price!! Super Bargain!
OH and you know those milk bottles I had in my virtual basket and couldnt wait to check out?? That will teach me to hang around - a whopping out of stock sign on them now! Get things while you can ladies!

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