Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Charity shop bargains!

Bet you thought i had fallen into a black hole!!??

Its coming up to that time of year again, sports day, school fates, mums cancer charity do, girly weekend away....yes im cooking up a storm!! lol

Coming up this weekend is my mums cancer charity do which she holds each year. They have food and music and an auction and raffle and loads more - it is huge this year and im so looking forward to helping out again! I missed last years so have some making up to do - im baking cakepops and 2 x 4 layered chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries! Did i mention im on a diet??! lol

Here are a couple of goodies ive picked up from the charity shop this week....See the size of those glass plates, i put the 10p there just to show how HUGE they are! Theres 2 of them there!! They will be great for holding a larger cake with lots of small cupcakes around it! Im going to mount them onto the candlesticks which were a complete fluke find as they match the plates perfectly! I now have 2 absolutely huge cakestands for £6 in total!! PERFECT!! I promise i will show you the chocolate ganache cake standing on one in all its raspberry covered glory xxx

Talking of perfect - how perfect is this little pet lip!! When she gets moody it comes out - also when you say wheres your funny face it comes out too - hey ho, shes cute either time!! lol


  1. I LOVE bargains, feels even better that a charity will benefit too, huh? Makes spending that little bit easier (Not that I need an excuse!).
    That cake plate is HUUUUGE, looking forward to seeing it full of yumminess!


  2. Good luck with your Mums event,Looking forward to see that cake.What a funny face she is just so sweet lucky you!Lesley x


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