Friday, 3 June 2011

TFI Friday!!

And thank the heavens too! This week has been so long, so warm and so tiring that im rather pleased its almost over! lol

I actually finished stripping the woodchip from Jake & Bens room (yes its taken well over a fortnight!) Oh the joys of trying to decorate the house on a shoestring! Tomorrow I commence putting the new wallpaper up, curtain pole and finish off the cupboard doors (which in my infinate wisdom I decided to redo!) lol

I have been baking again, this time Raspberry 'Ripple in the middle' cupcakes. Now, dont get me wrong...these are really nice....BUT

The chocolate around the raspberry ripple sweet all but disintigrated and the coconut baked again which turned it less moist and more 'sweet' like in the centre.
I would def make them again but possibly wait until the cupcake mix is about to set and then add the ripple!Make up your frosting as usual and add a little red food colouring until you achieve that 'raspberry' colour.....I just adore this shot - its like a baby pink egg!! :D
Decorate with chocolate chips or chocolate stars etc....something to offset the pink and bring the chocolate from the centre back to life! lolEnjoy xxx

Lots to share tomorrow including some new display goodies, bargains and a diy cake stand! :)

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  1. I made your oreo cupcakes yesterday and now going to have to try these too.
    You are a very bad influence ;o)

    B xxx


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