Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A busy weekend!

Look at this fabulous bargain i picked up - was £20 now £5 and its massive!! Evie already loves it and has claimed it as hers - however once im finished with it and its pinked, gingham'd and prettied up im wondering if she will let anyone else play!! lol

Talking of little missy, now that she has passed the crawling stage completely (everywhere is walked now) she doesnt get so angry at dresses! They use to get caught under her knees and they stopped her from crawling anywhere at speed - now shes upwardly mobile though shes loving the freedom dresses give her......although i think shes contemplating trouble in that picture! lol

Over the weekend i set about baking again, cake pops this time and they went down a treat! ALL OF THEM! Come monday morning - none left! Its the school fair this friday so im on a mission to make a whole lot more of them :)


  1. LOVE the noughts and crosses board, where did you get it from?

  2. Hi Debbie,lovely photo's of your Evie,the noughts and crosses look fab.
    Sue :)

  3. she is so gorgeous.. awww i love her hair!!...

    love that noughts and crosses.. it look really expensive as well..


  4. Hasnt Evie grown, loving her cute gingham dress too.

    Those cake pops look delish, we need the recipe posting *wink* x

  5. Wouldnt have thought of doing anything to the noughts and crosses! So would be interested to see the finished result.

    Cake pops??! How do you make those then? They look delish - we have a school fete soon too.............recipe please!

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Grave news about the scrapbook shop and having to cancel saturday's workshop. Would love to know if you are going to carry on teaching somewhere or could recommend some other scrapbook outlet. Was really looking forward to saturday but will have to do some housework now! Popped in to the scrapbook shop to get £25 worth of stuff instead and Ellen was really cheesed off which dosen't take alot! Looking forward to your reply, all the best,

    This is my daughter's username but get in touch!

    Sue Stephenson - suestobbley@hotmail.co.uk
    0191 584 7794

  7. Love the cake pops, do you have a recipe? What are they made of? Would love to try them x


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