Tuesday, 7 June 2011

From charity shop to cake stand...

I love a bargain and have wanted to have a go at making my own cake stands for a while. No im not pretending to have invented the wheel and know they have been around for ages - every shop seems to have 'reused' cups and saucers as cakestands etc. I just wanted to show you a quick way of making a cheap charity shop find into something a little bit more pretty :)

Take a pair of candlesticks - any colour - so dont be freaked out that they are pepto bismol pink or sewer green. (I bought mine from a local charity shop for £1.99 for the pair! Mine were an awful mix of blue and white pattern - typical i forgot to take a pic before i sprayed them!)Take them outside and sit them on plenty of newspaper before spray painting them with Rustoleum - I used gloss white, the array of colours these sprays come in are enough to set you off on a spraying frenzy!! lol Leave to dry completely before applying a second coat.
Using a very strong adhesive to attach a plate to the top of one of the stands - use Pinflair glue, this one seems to be highly recommended! You dont want it collapsing when you remove cakes from one side!
You could always use a dinner and a tea plate to make a 2 tier cakestand.
Or just keep them seperate for 2 different size cakestands - one for a victoria sponge and the other for little matching cupcakes!
Of course you could go simply for the all classic white - the whole point is when youre making it yourself you have free reign to either go all out and design something thats a complete one off....or something classic that you can use again and again.
Please link back to me if you give this a go - i would love to see what you make! :)


  1. You are clever Debbie.They are just great.
    Sue xx

  2. they look so pretty .. i have wanted to make my own to but couldnt get my head around drilling through plates!!..i think this seems a much simpler way of doing it..
    i'll give it a go and let you know how i get on!!

    i love the all white one of yours it looks like it should be at a wedding!


  3. I have been wanting to make these for ages but couldn't seem to find which type of glue would be best..thanks for the hint on pinflair i will have to google it.

    PS: They look great....i have my plates and my bases have just never "glued" them together!!


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