Saturday, 4 June 2011

Display goodies!

Its all about the staging right??

Im constantly on the look out for pretty and practical bits to stage candy displays and photographs etc....Ive been out of the loop so long though that when I walked into TK MAXX the other day I almost keeled over!! Be still my heart!! TOO MANY beautiful lovely goodies to drool over - and yes if i could have fit the 5ft metal painted cream and shabby chic'd bike complete with basket planter on the front and pedal into the trolley i would have!! lol (though i think it might have had more to do with what hubby would have said then whether it would fit in the trolley!) lol

Here are some of the goodies ive picked up since last time i posted - and its been a while!
Im in love with duckegg blue place settings and im going to turn one of these plates into a cake stand (pics to come soon). I love the white and blue together and that flutted cakestand is just divine - exactly what ive been looking for for so long!

The birdcage has an air of gothic about it but swirly and dreamy at the same time. I can just see a pastel plate in the bottom with a birds nest filled with sparkly goodies as a table centrepiece. The vase with the ornate silver swirls is for part of an elaborate candy bar - again pics to follow.

I have has a long lived desire for those lemonade bottles you use to see in the movies, combine those with paper straws and Ive gone to heaven!! lol How cute will these look filled with pink lemonade and fastened with a little ribbon label....sweet! The straws I will use in the little mini milk bottles - so far i have found 1 (see above pic for how cute they are!) but i have since found a supplier for plain mini milk bottles so im just waiting until another payday rolls around before I can indulge!

Here is the finished project for above Evies cot - Its filled with pretties and little bits and pieces that make me smile......just like she cute is she with her little hair clip!! *sigh - who knew being mummy to a princess could make your heart hurt in such a good way*


  1. Debbie, I am loving all the beauties you've posted, I love the lemonade/milk bottles, I've been admiring these on Pinterest lately and have to get my hands on some and I share your love of birdcgaes - I've been on the look out for a birdcage style lamp for the living room and where do you think I've found one - Tesco Direct of all places [just have to wait until I return from my hols next week to pop and get it] Little Evie's piccie is Adorable.
    Enjoy your weekend Hun, Love to you and the family - Ju x

  2. What wonderful goodies!!! I adore that white cake plate and the bird cage...I am going to get me one SOON!!!! An the little shadow box is just beautiful!!!

  3. Can you share what supplier you found for the milk bottles? I love the idea but can't seem to find a place that sells them for a good price.


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