Monday, 6 June 2011

How grown up!!

Its scary how grown up Jake looks in these pictures! Hes only 8!!The were taken the other day when it was red hot, he was just wearing shorts and most annoyingly all the kids tan really quickly just like daddy!

The brown skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes are only going to cause trouble when hes older - a mummy can tell!! lol

He is still my little boy though so when he said 'do i look like a vampire with blood dripping' I just had to play along and act all scared! Mummy is scared all right son - mainly because im going to have to keep the girls away with a long pointy stick!!


  1. I fear I am going to have the same problem with Ben, especially if he keeps his blonde hair {sigh}

  2. LOl, its great when they still want to playact - my little one got a trick with his Beano today, it was supposed to be a dried scorpion and both me and dad have had to act shocked! Matthew is 8 in July and still looks quite young compared to Jake.

    Love reading all your antics.


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