Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beamish Museum trip :)

Scott broke up from school 1 day earlier than the rest of the boys so we took advantage of not dragging what felt like a minibus full of kids with us and accepted my Mum in laws invitation to a day out at Beamish museum.

Now, bearing in mind last time I was there, Ben was 6 weeks old! Hes now 15! There have been lots of updates and bits added and to be honest I cant even remember what it was originally like apart from the main street where the shops are - and even those have had so many bits added to them!

It really is like a step back in time and even though there was a chill in the air it was still a lovely day, Evie enjoyed looking at everything going on around her whilst eating mini chocolate coated doughnuts!Scott was completely taken with the steam train, trams and the noisy old motorbikes - the steamtrain was his favourite though as we got to stand on the bridge while they blew the smoke up between the slats - everything disappeared completely for a minute, until you coughed your way back to reality! Oh and Fry's sweet factory - they were making cinder toffee but all i could drool over were the sweet making tools!! lolThe old school was interactive, you got to play with the old toys and walk through the classrooms which were set up with blackboards covered in poems. The old changing rooms were just like you see on the older movies - no high tec shower stalls here! There were teachers standing there telling you exactly how it use to be....yes they even had THE STRAP!! The tables were so teeny and the chairs would have suited Evie perfectly they were so small! Next it was on to the farm which has the usual pigs, bulls, chickens, ducks etc and they all seemed really co operative! lol They are probably use to the public, being on show 24/7 must make them immune to the camera because after the initial snub of 'heres my bottom - take a pic of that!' - we got a full display of completely un-shy superstar wannabes! lol Yes the pig was rather scary close up - I still have nightmares about that scene in Hannibal!! *shudder*

And finally...

Me and hubby - we just enjoyed spending some time together for a change, it seems like we both have so many projects on the go at the minute that even though we're there for each other all the time, it was nice to just breathe and relax for a while :) (no comment on the wrinkles - i was squinting in the sun - honest!) ;)

Thank you Sue (my mum-in-law) for a lovely day :)


  1. It looks like a great day out.Glad you had a lovely time together.
    Sue x x

  2. i love beamish, been many years since we last went

  3. Ive been there as a child & loved it, will have to take my small people.

    Bless little Evie, she looks scrumptious!


  4. Love to make it to Beamish one day! My sister lives in Ironbridge and we visit Blists Hill Victorian village - similar but smaller I think. Great post Debbie - really enjoyed your photos - and I can't see any wrinkles!


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