Monday, 8 August 2011

Time will tell...

I could spend hours looking at old items and imagining them displayed with the dessert tables, picnic settings etc. Here are a couple of bits ive managed to pick up lately - there is a fabulous little shop tucked away in Durham called Ding Dong Vintage.
I adore old cameras and couldnt resist these sure both would work too given a little care and attention and ive even found a website dedicated to regenerating these kind of items.
They sell so much stuff it is literally spilling out onto the path infront of the store - you could get lost in here for years and still come out not having seen everything (and yes its a small shop!)
A few other bits have been picked up via boot sales/charity shops/ebay etc - ive become something of a prop hoarder!!
How cute is this old linen parasol and picnic basket - i have visions of Evie in a cute summer dress holding this while i take pictures (shes already nabbed my Jackie O style pink sunglasses which was for something completely different!)
I love this old radio and how it has the buttons for long and medium wave. When i opened the back theres no fancy circut boards or chips - theres a whopping great hole where a whopping great battery would go! lolThis Lilliput typewriter brings back so many memories - i didnt have one like this but i can remember sitting for hours rewriting books i had borrowed from the library so that i could get my typing speed up! I was about 8! lol I had to explain to the boys how to push the roll back along after each line and how you would use a correction tape - they were completely baffled!
So much to do and my lovely little sis has just booked a day off work so that we can visit the Newark Antique and Collectors fair this month! So excited!!


  1. There is something so comforting in vintage finds

  2. Fab finds! What's the website for the cameras pls? Claire has inherited by grandfather's and father's cameras and we're not sure they are in working condition.... Lurve the parasol :)

  3. OMG ....I am sure I had a radio like that when I was young.
    That parasol is gorgeous


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