Friday, 12 August 2011

Cookies & Milk Bar!

I know ive been building up to this one but I have been so looking forward to setting it all up and seeing the dresser displayed properly for the first time! :)I have transformed Frills & Fondant into a candy bar/dessert table/event planning website (which is initially what I wanted to do but didnt have the guts - Ive taken the bull by the horns and gone for it!)

Friday night is family night where we usually play games, watch a new dvd and have a little picnic of goodies...thanks to my new dresser I was inspired to make a whole mini dessert bar in the form of Cookies & Milk for the boys. **click images for larger pictures**
We had lemon, raspberry and chocolate cupcakes with Oreo...
...Millionaires Shortbread Marshmallow...
...Chocolate cookies and Coconut Cookies...
...Almond Cookies and Fudge Cookies!
The printables for the little gift cups is adorable and the giant gingerbread men fit perfectly. I am in love with paper straws and mini milk bottles so yes, I did squeal when these were filled - especially with little 'Got Milk?' tabs on the straws!
That glass cake stand I used for the marshmallow shortbread is the one I made from a plate and candle stick! How cute does it look against the blue and browns!
I bought some cookie/cakes from M&S to make into lollies - I was going to make cakepops in the form of biscuits but something are easier bought! ;)
Yes, we are all full and there are now 3 tins of cookies and cakes that werent eaten that we have to look forward to over the weekend (believe me if the boys find out where ive hidden the tins they will be gone by tomorrow!)


Party stationary, printables, banner, place cards etc - Dimple Prints
Millionaire Shortbread - Burgh Bakes
Mini Milk Bottles - Dotcomgiftshop


  1. Love this!
    Dresser's looking good and I love the printables.
    Can I ask where the mini milk bottles come from please (forward planning for little mans Birthday party)

    B xxx

  2. WOW Debbie, it looks amazing, like something from a magazine. I love the milkbottles, possibly the cutest thing ever, and you have done a fab job on the dresser.
    The very best of luck to you and Frills and Fondant!!

  3. Stunning!!! You should be so proud! :)

  4. hi Debbie,
    what a fantastic mummy you are it must of been fun at your house!!
    i so miss my boys being young there faces must of been a picture!!
    suzie Qx

  5. Please come and move next door to me so I can come and play :)

  6. Great display. Love the signs... What design is that from the easy shop? Love how the signs "pop out"

  7. This looks amazing. You are so talented lady! Can I ask which printables you used as I have searched the site and cant find them?


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