Sunday, 7 August 2011

Finished dresser makeover

I posted earlier in the month about a dresser i received from Freegle - This post

Here are the before and after shots - i love how it turned out and didnt seem to take too long either :)
Add that to my new love of B&Q eggshell paints where you get to choose your own colour and im in heaven!

*click on the image to get a better idea of the colour used etc*

2 coats was all it took and the paint was as smooth as any of the more expensive ranges ive used - less smell too! The natural wood top was sanded back from that horrible brown colour and given a coating of beeswax to protect it.

Now i just need to get baking and prep for next Friday night - Cookie and Milk Bar!


  1. Wow, it is totally fabulous!

  2. Wow Debbie,it was just waiting for you I think.Its beautiful.I never see anything like that on our Freecycle.
    Sue x x

  3. Very nice! and a freebie too!

    Is it a pale blue colour? I am looking for a blue colour - did you have that made up for you in store then?


  4. Oh my word, that is beautiful!! I have a dresser that I got at a car boot for £25.00. Its stained a 'lovely' orange pine,with stenciled fruit!! I was waiting till I had the cash to buy some F&B paint, but if B&Q paints can produce that amount of beauty, then off to B&Q I'll be going!!

  5. That is stunning .... loved the original ...but now it must be the envey of everyone who sees it are very talented at renavating furnature.

  6. Love it!!!! Thanks for the tip about having your own colour mixed for you. Certainly cheaper : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Oh Debbie what a transformation - love that you've stripped back and waxed the top - perfect!

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous, I am looking for a nice kitchen dresser myself and this looks perfect! Maybe I should buy an old one and do it up to my own preferences, you've definitely inspired me to have a look into it! :)

  9. Hiya,
    fandabidozie what an amazing tranformation i love it - it would look nice in my house!!
    have a great day
    suzie qx


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