Sunday, 21 August 2011

Double baby shower - Alice in Wonderland Theme..

Next Tuesday is a double baby shower with an Alice in Wonderland theme! One of the ladies knows she is having a girl and the other doesnt want to know what shes having so we couldnt go with a colour theme....what better to follow up with than Alice!! (The 2 ladies dont even know the shower is happening so its going to be a lovely surprise from their friends!)

After walking through a lot of red, pale blue and white giant pompoms the girls will be led to a marquee in the garden where the dessert table, candy table and vintage tea party will all be set out.

I am making Flamingo flooded cookies and white rabbits to go into the goodie bags...Each guest will receive a personalised necklace with a little 'drink me' labelled bottle and silver white rabbit charm...
There will be lots of details dotted around the garden including a bush with lots of red roses, a couple of white ones and a pot of red paint. Pocket watches and giant playing cards made into bunting...small playing cards will be adorning the tops of some of the cupcakes with little 'Congratulations' signs too.
Im making oreo cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting and will cover them with teeny little red heart well as a heart based candy bar (love hearts, red chocolate hearts etc)
As well as cake pops and lots of fabulous little treats there will be some homemade chocolate roses for everyone...

I am completely in love with backdrops at the minute and will be using the one below as the setting for the dessert table. It is approx 3ft wide, 2ft tall and will fit perfects so that the table is set out in front of them all!!
So excited, I have a photo booth and lots of props as the ladies are all dancers etc so love being in front of the even going to get a chance to do some bump shots!! I cant wait to see it all set out!!


  1. Sounds great Debbie! Share the pics when you can. xxx

  2. Sounds very exciting, I love anything Alice.
    Hope we get to see piccies afterwards!

    B xxx

  3. How lovely! Great ideas..........lots of photos please!!

  4. It all sounds fab Debbie! This is why your new business is going to be so successful! You have an eye for detail that many of us dream of. Can't wait to see the photos : )

  5. Ah wowee! It sounds so amazing, I am very jealous. Hope you can share some piccies after :)
    Katie xx

  6. Can't wait to see the end result. You are such an inspirational person honey xxx

  7. Popping back to say good luck for today - take loads of photos :) xx


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