Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fancy a cuppa??

With the weather being as pants as it is I thought you might like to pop round for a cuppa?
Ive made something pretty special for the occassion....I bought this tea trolley from Ebay for £9 and as you can see it needed a little work...The chalkboard was from a local charity shop and was £5...again needing a makeover.
I sanded them both down and decided on using the same colour blue that I used for my new dresser. I found the name and its a special mix on demand one at B&Q named Luna Landscape 5.
The trolley is painted using Parsonage Cream eggshell from the Crown Period range, the chalkboard was repainted with black chalkboard paint and given a freshen up and good clean in the little tin pots. Wallpaper was then added to the back of the bottom section to add a little colour and fit in with the whole shabby chic theme :)I hung two little pink tin pails from the hangers and popped in the green stripey paper straws ready to use with those gorgeous little milkbottles!! Did you notice the teeny milkbottles - how cute are they and yes i can finally breathe a sigh of relief as i managed to get hold of some! The books are painted with tester pots of Wilkinson emulsion - dont go wasting loads on full size tins when 99p little tester pots will last for ages on projects like these!
Now, do you want sugar with that?? Oh and help yourself to biscuits! :)


  1. These look fabulous and I love your dresser too. I take one sugar please :)

  2. i'm loving the painted books idea x defo will have to do that :) xxx

  3. You are just too talented and productive :)

    Colette x.

  4. Wow! I LOVE the chalkboard and those milk bottles are adorable!!

  5. Please come and decorate my house :)

  6. Gorgeous, I can't believe that those are the same items before and after! You've done an outstanding job :)

  7. I love the finished result. I've never brought furniture back to life the way you have but my youngest daughter is almost finished turning a rather dark dressing table into a lovely cream delight :) I'll definitely be showing her what you have done!

  8. That is absolutely stunning! So so pretty!


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