Friday, 26 August 2011

Tissue Pompom Tutorial

I cant just sit and watch tv -I have to be doing something else at the same time and these pompoms are a fantastic way to keep your hands busy without too much concentration!

People are charging fortunes to supply these for weddings, baby showers etc but here I will show you how to get 2 decent sized pompoms out of 1 pack of tissue and a little ribbon - all for just over £1!! :)

Gather together your tissue and matching ribbon (you can use florists wire, clear fishing wire - anything to secure the pompom in the middle) I prefer ribbon as it holds better when its hung and co0ordinates with the pompom :)
Open up the sheets of tissue so that the sheets are only folded in half.
Cut down this central fold to give you 2 (slightly larger than A4) pieces to work with.Cut down any remaining edges where the tissue is folded - this means you can peel back each sheet seperately.Concertina fold the tissue in approx 2 inch lengths.
Press to flatten the edges slightly once youre finished folding. This is when, if you prefer petals, you would cut the edges to a point. I leave mine as they are as it looks more rose-like when unfolded.
Fasten the tissue in the middle with a tight not on your ribbon or preferred fastening material - leave one long end, which is to string up the pompom.
Gently pull one sheet of tissue at a time until it is at a 90 degree angle, continue with half the amount of tissue standing up.
The tissue will fold down less and less as your pull more down. This is what creates the petal and volume.
Turn the tissue around and pull the remaining petals down on the other side.
Dont worry about how it looks at this stage - you will fluff it later.
Turn it on its head and repeat for the other half of your tissue pompom.
Both sides will look the same once your finished - make sure the ribbon isnt tucked inside.
Now you can gently ruffle the tissue until it spreads out and fills the gaps, give it a shake and the 'petals' seem to fall where theyre suppose to. Gently crinkle or shape and tissue to cover the central gaps where the ribbon is.
Put it to one side and make another....or 23!!
They are addictive, look very effective and create a great back drop for parties and display :)

Let me know if you give it a go and please link to me so i can see pics on your blogs :)


  1. These look fab Debbie. I've seen them everywhere but wasn't sure how they are made. Can't wait to find my tissue paper!

  2. thank you Debbie, love how the red and blue looks together in the last photo as well xxx

  3. Hi Debbie thanks for jogging my memory. I remember making these when the children were small to decorate floats for the school summer fete. We used boxes of pretty coloured tissues and as you say they are easy to make while watching telly. Such happy memories. xx

  4. What a great idea. Im looking for cheap and cheerful ideas for my daughters 18th so i will have a go

  5. Have made (piccies on my blog) and now addicted.
    Will be doing more later, daughters best friend has just asked me to do her some.

    B xxx

  6. What a wonderful idea! Perfect for baby showers! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I started making these a while back, love your colours Deb! They are sooo easy but so effective.


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