Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dresser makeover project...

I love Freecycle - or Freegle as its now called!

Someone posted mentioning they had a dresser to get rid of that had a rounded back - ok, so when they said rounded back I did wonder how on earth it would lie flat against a wall *yes dippy blonde moment* What they actually meant was that the top of the dresser unit was rounded - oh boy did I skip when I saw this!! I am in the process of sanding it all down, look how smooth that top is... - im going to leave the top a natural wood and add beeswax to protect it then paint the rest of it a duck egg blue eggshell, then it will be ready to decorate for its first party.

On a Friday night we have family night so in conjunction with Dimple Prints we are going to have our very first Nicholas Family Cookies and Milk Bar! I have jotted down lots of ideas for the cookies including cookie pops and a huge chocolate cake which is made to look like an Oreo! We will have milk in bottles with stripey straws and lots of other bits before we settle down to watch our Friday Family night movie! (any recommendations on which movie??)

So excited to get this done so im off tomorrow to go buy the eggshell ready to start the transformation!

Oh and if you wondered how I get so much done.......when Mummy loads the washer, Evie loads the washer, when Mummy sands dressers - Evie sands dressers...you get the picture..believe me there isnt much Mummy cant do without a little shadow!! lol


  1. i brought the same dresser top the other week!
    it currently resides on my work surface un painted but filled with lots of things that shouldnt be there!
    im painted mine white or green and im decoupaging something pretty (also still undecided) when i get the chance!!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the finished product! xxx


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