Monday, 20 May 2013

Making Monday - Pinterest upcycle!

My favourite place to hide out is Pinterest!

Its full of pretty ideas and masses of inspiration! From home decor to cake baking, scantily clad men to recycled projects! 

After looking through page after page of things I have pinned in the hope of one day recreating I made a decision to start!  

Here are some of the inspiration pieces I was looking at.... (i will link ones that go back to blogs etc but Pinterest is a minefield for not linking back to the original post ....  and that little problem is a whole other days post!)...
Mason Jars, candlesticks and twine - idea for wedding display!

I love the pop of colour on these ones and they would work great for a candy bar!

The green on this one screams kitchen to me so I would love something like this to keep my spices on display!

I would add a white one to this display and make it the centre piece for a July 4th or Jubilee party table! 

Knowing I had all the pieces in for this one was a given - glass candle sticks, glass candle jars with silver lids and glass knobs (picked up from a car boot sale in the hope of redoing the tv unit!)

First I gave everything a good wash down in warm soapy water and dried thoroughly.  That darn glass glue is so picky with what it will and wont stick to!!

The glass jars are placed on top of the candlesticks and held in place over night with something heavy to adhere to glue fully.  

The lids were sanded slightly in the centre to give the glue something to adhere to (...told you it was fussy!) Again i sanded a little on the bottom of each knob too for the same reasons and held them in place until the sticky took hold!

I think they are really cute and a fraction of the price you would pay in one of the department stores for something similar.

Overall project thoughts..... simple and effective!  Well worth making and look better than I initially thought they would! 

Please link to your blog in the comment section with your Pinterest makeover and I promise to pop round and check it out - nothing like a project share to get the creative juices flowing!! :) 



  1. They look great - I am pleased that i have tried quite a few of the things i pinned :)
    I DID try one that you pinned too- I tried to break out of cable ties.
    I got one of the pupils at school to tie my hands together and tried really hard but couldn't get out. SO , I re watched the you tube vid and tried again - The kids in my office are now crying with laughter! Unfortunately i had to be cut out again - the bruising has now gone but that particular one doesnt work .

  2. PMSL Sue i know i should laugh but i have been meaning to try that one too - maybe i wont!! lol

  3. No don't!! ( Unless its a safe zone ;) )

  4. These look sooo good! I wish I had candle sticks lying around I would do that right now! I love pinterest and have tons of pins and boards I will one day possibly make but for now I have this little felt doll I made from my pinspiration:

  5. How clever is that! My husband says we have too many candlesticks now I can show him what I have been keeping them for, Do you have a 'name' for the glue you use..please?

    Hugs Helena D.x

  6. Gorgeous - they look really classy!

  7. Hi Debbie, late but as promised link to one of my pinterest efforts :)


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