Monday, 27 May 2013

Making Monday - Pinterest upcycle!

Quirky is one way to describe some of the projects on Pinterest.... ok... downright wierd can be used for some of them!

I saw these and thought they were cute but wondered what on earth you would use them for other than to be a 'piece of art'.  I'm sorry but living in a house with 5 kids where it is crowded to start with means that we don't need to be bringing things in if they don't have a function (can you tell i have used that line before!) ;)

Not something I would ever have thought of if I had'nt seen it on Pinterest! lol

Thinking cap on and I came up with a cute little idea for my sister (shes itching for another dog so i just know it will be used at some point)

I cut the dinosaur in half (he was a 20p cheapy from the car boot sale) with a stanley knife.  He was hollow so was possibly a little easier to cut than if he had been solid, I would suggest a hand saw otherwise.

Choosing the blue was down to the boys, I spray painted both the dinosaur halves and frames and let them dry completely before moving them...finger marks aren't pretty!

There is a huge amount of scrapbook paper out there which could have been used for the background and i chose the raindrop ones as it always seems to be raining lately!

Glass glue was spread on the cut half of the dinosaur and left to go tacky before holding in place on the glass to adhere.

I then chose some bright chipboard sticky letters to spell out WALKIES!

The dino part???   Well thats to hang the lead on!

Overall project thoughts... something different!   Not sure I would do it again! lol



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