Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Just sharing a couple of bits ive picked up at either charity shops or boot sales or freecycle within the past week...
 Berkertex dress size 14 (but boy is it small - the waist is teeny and i really think its more a 12!)
 Isnt it gorgeous!  I saw the lady putting it on a mannequin in the charity shop window.  One of the girls said it was for display only and i almost freaked out - thankfully the other lady said it was for sale - phew!)
 Also managed to pick up these 2 heavy glass candle sticks which will work really well as cake stand bases! The little case is from Mamas & Papas and was only £2 from the charity shop too! Its really sturdy so im dithering over using it as either a cosmetic case or storage :)
These little side plates are so cute and will be perfect for tea parties etc - £1.99 for 5! Bargain

Have you found anything this week??


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