Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Bargain hunting this week came up trumps for me!

The red dress is from Mantaray and was £4.00!!  rrp:  £40!
The rose flower dress is from Ness and was £4.00!  rrp £49.99!
The brown summer dress is from TU and was £2.00!  rrp £25!
The spotty lace finish skirt is from East and was £3.50!  rrp £69!

Sorry for the dodgy pictures - they were taken with my phone!  Battery needs charging on the  camera and i wanted to get this post up tonight! 
Fat face jacket for Ethan - looks brand new - £2.50  (i think would retail for well over £30!)
Scarf - £1.00  (its only F&F but i think they are around £8-£14 normally)

So for £17.00 we ended up with over £200 worth of summer clothes! 


What have you picked up this week??


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