Saturday, 25 May 2013

Scrappy Saturday!

Today crafty Saturday has been scrapped in place of a day at the beach!

The weather is far too nice to be crafting in doors so we headed out to the sea front - due to the weather being typically English this was only Evies 3rd time at the beach! 


Naturally she loved it until the waves got a little close and we had to edge back, grabbing all our stuff and shuffling onto the cobbles at the  back of the beach! lol

The boys loved it as ever and got soaked through - Scott, ever the water babe couldnt resist 'falling' over in the water so he was covered - im sure he must have been freezing but he didnt care!

Ice creams and a walk back to the car later everyone was dried off and ready to head home for our first BBQ of the year - today was good....very good! :)

What did you get up to today?



  1. The beach is a wonderland for kids ...I can be at the beach in 10 mins... by bus ...and I enjoy sitting on a bench watching the sea ...when its not raining up here.

  2. what a fab day, i was in my shop on saturday but then enjoyed a party in the evening, sunday was a day in the garden im a tinge of red now from it! x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day.
    That last picture is beautiful.
    Julie xxxxxxx


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