Sunday, 19 May 2013


Its taken me a couple of weeks of feeling awful for not updating my blog....( along with opening the new shop, organising 2 more retreats this year, planning for 3 upcoming weddings, renewing our vows and raising 5 kids...) to have a sudden realisation yesterday of why i do this blog.

I do it to keep a visual update of what we do as a family.
I do it to keep me on track with projects and work.
I do it to keep me SANE!

Worrying about what others think and panicking because im not posting is NOT keeping me SANE!

I took a step back last night and like a lightbulb it hit me....

I do my blog because I LOVE IT!

Its for me...
Its for my family...
Its for my sanity! lol

Ive worked out a schedule of posts and I AM MAKING TIME to sit down each day and do what I love!

Looking forward to tomorrows posting already!



  1. Yeah! That's exactly it! If you do it for any other reason, then it is wrong. Any more pictures of your new shop? HOw is it going?????

  2. You should always do things for yourself, and if blogging is something you enjoy then do it.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Yourself and family come first...always but it is lovely to have you back!! hope the shop is doing well.

    Hugs Helena D.x


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