Monday, 8 June 2009

...and a new obsession starts!

I found my very first Enid Blyton book at the bootsale yesterday - 30p!! :DLet the hunt for my new collection begin! ( Can it be called a collection since theres only 1 so far??) lol ;)


  1. He he :) you shall become an EB obsessed woman, believe me I know her well. The obsessed woman that is, not Enid.

    Enjoy there are some lovely ones out there :)


  2. oooo my favourite and my best :-)
    there are rather a lot to be found so your collection will be substantial very quickly although 30p is a fab bargain!!
    good luck with the hunt
    Lesley x

  3. omg, i have almost 400 of these; some are 1st editions and with orgnal dust jackets (think car boots...but im sure you are on to that). They are the BEST.
    She wrote over 600 by the way not including comics, magazines and annuals.

  4. I think you can legitimately call it a collection!! I collect all sorts of things in head I just don't have room in my house and I would definately collect these!!

    Love EB am trying to convert my DD to The Famous5 and The magic faraway tree!!

  5. Fantastic find. Keep us up to date with all your finds xx

  6. Oh wow, well good luck in your new collection :) Kim

  7. I LOVED Enid Blyton books when I was a child. I've been buying them on eBay and Amazon for my son - you can even get box sets now, all over the place. I do get annoyed when they change things in the later edits, so watch out for that if you're a purist.

  8. fantastic....I do love an enid blyton!...I may have a couple of 'over's in my pile..happy to send! email me your address.

  9. All collections start with one Debbie!!!

    Love and blessings

  10. You've made me all melancholy now - I used to read all the Mister Meddles Muddles :)

  11. I have tonnes of the Enid Blyton books, trust me you'll enjoy every single one of them. Make sure you get the old versions though, not the new ones as they've changed them all around. x


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