Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Making do...

You know when youre looking for an embellishment/focal point/something and you just dont have anything thats you make your own? I made this simple inking template to create both a flower and sunburst, depending on what you need it for....

First punch out an 8 petal flower...
..cut around the edge leaving enough room at one side so that you have something to hold...
......line up the punch with the petals of the shape you already cut out....
.....the petals will pop out and you will be left with a 16 petal flower/sunburst...
Lay this on the paper and gentle rub ink/chalk from the edge INTO the shape....this will stop the ink from bleeding outside of the template.
Voila, a perfect little design you can use again and again without costing a penny! :)
I used mine as little journalling spots on a layout created for my class this week.

Remember to check in tomorrow for a fab new template and box tutorial! :D


  1. well that's just too darn clever!!!

  2. Thanks for that brilliant even the first punch out with the rounded edge gave me an idea.


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