Sunday, 21 June 2009

Our other girlies.....

Since i shared pictures of our chickens i thought it only fair to share pics of our other little girls too......Jessica and Charlotte.

We have had Jessica for around a year now and shes gorgeous! She loves climbing and messing around so we wanted to upgrade her accomodation ;) I went out with my sister on Saturday and we popped into Pets at Home, there was this fab Pink Princess Palace in the sale so i nabbed it and we looked around at the pets for sale. We came across a section for adoption and there was this one little lonely hamster by itself with a sign saying,

Owners were frightened, needs new home.

She looked teeny but when they lifted the lid on her home she was around 3 times the size of Jessica and just a complete little ball of fluff, so friendly and cuddly. Apparently it was the size that made the owners scared of her!! LOL We paid an adoption fee of £5 and didnt need to buy anything else as she was moving into Jess's old house! :DHow cute is this!Hope you all had a fab weekend - catch you soon with more makes and goodies since i received a lovely huge rak of Papertrey goodies from Catherine! :)


  1. So cute!! I had a hamster during University called Samantha. It drove my flatmates mad as she would run on her wheel ALL night long when we were all trying to sleep. She met with an unfortunate ending though when staying at an old boyfriend's house in the mountains. She managed to get out and we never saw her again (I swear he let her out or something). She used to have the little clear hamster ball and would roll around in the living room in it and the cat would chase her around and bat at the ball LOL!

    Loving your blog, I read it daily but don't often comment. Must try your notelet tutorial soon. Your work is so inspiring, I wish I had a morsel of your talent not to mention motivation.


  2. Oh she is really cute.
    Love her house and I bet she does too. So pleased she had found a new home.

  3. aw, i always wanted a hamster and was never allowed one!

    My poor daughter is going to have animals forced upon her when I get a house I fear!

    Rose XXX


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