Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tutorial Thursday :)

Yayy 2 weeks in a row so im on target so far LOL ;)

Here goes on a little present for fathers day. Little ones get so much pleasure from making something of their own to give as a present. This present will be even cooler if daddy is into camping, sailing or gardening!
This gift box can be themed for any of these with a simple flag or some little sticks tied together. How about instead of the sweet, pop in a little teeny plantpot with his favourite seeds. With the addition of a pirate flag it could become a raft - how cool would that be for individual cupcakes at a boys birthday party!! :)

Here goes...

Cut a piece of card 7x9 inches.Mark and score at 1 inch, 1/2 in, 1/2in, 1in, 3in, 1in, 1/2in, 1/2in, 1in = 9 inches total
Turn and score down both of the longer sides at the 1inch and 2 inch marks.
Back to working on the shorter sides. Along the middle 3 inch section, at each end, you need to mark a 1 inch square and score ready to fold.
You need to create a little slot where the handle will slip through. Leave the 2 1/2in sections and move down to the last 1 inch section, mark a little letterbox type split in line with your handle you scored earlier.
The following 2 pictures show how the template should look once the sections are cut away.
Place DST on the inside of the scored section you cut earlier.
Fold and again pop on some DST, fold the other side over.
Place your template flat on a surface and stick DST to the inside of the 2 side panels, the inside of each end (where my finger is in the pic). Fold over the side reinforcements and pop the DST on the OTHER side - these are to be pushed against the side panels so need the tape on the opposite side to the rest.
Fold the panels you just taped in to the middle of the side section and bring the actual side of the box up and over.
The end panels can be folded down the half inch score line and the end sections will stick together.
Fold these in on themselves at the same time passing the handle through the slot you cut earlier.
This is how the finished bottom section should look.
Now for the decoration :) Cut a 3x3inch square of cardstock or decorative THICK paper. Remember it has to hold whatever you are placing in the middle! Either use a die cut machine or hand punch to create a 'holder' space in the middle of this section. Use DST to secure this to the top of your box.
I wrapped DST (yes i should have shares! lol) around the whole box....
....and added jute string by wrapping it round and round, leaving a little at the beginning and end to fasten into a double knot.
I rounded the corners of the handles and inked all of the edges. Decorated it with buttons and a Its Fathers Day sentiment. A little flag is the finishing touch and doesnt it look like a little raft.......or campfire base.......or, well im sure with a little imagination, it could look like anything! :)
Couldnt resist this picture but while i had my back turned Jacob took a bite out of the desert! LOL How cute is that little nibble from the back! Dont you love it when kids hold out their arms at full length when theyre presenting you with something - thats the good thing about the little handles on this project! Good job it needed to be eaten straight away (fresh cream) and we will fill it again in time for fathers day...
...we have plenty to fill it with so im sure we can make a couple more just to try! ;)

Thanks for checking and remember to link back if you make anything as i love seeing what you do with the templates :)


  1. thanks for the tutorial, it looks great!

    i think me and Rianna would make such a mess.... lol

    Rose XXX

  2. Wow, what a cool little box, thanks so much for sharing this with us, I will definately try to have a go at this. Great blog BTW, I visit most days but am naughty and don't leave anywhere near enough comments for your fab work,
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  3. Great tutorial Debbie! Thanks, I may just have a try at this.

  4. Great tutorial. I am impressed you are going to do one a week. They are a lot of work!

  5. Great tutorial! Yup...I've got one of those guys and a little girl who will try to get a finger into frosting or a treat! :>

  6. This is a lovely idea and thanks so much for the tutorial. I want to try it for a 3 year old birthday coming up this month.


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