Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Jam Tarts and plastic surgery!!

Ive been working on lots of design team stuff which i cant share just yet but having just ordered 98 photos from Photobox im sure as heck going to be busy - that little peek wont harm will it?! ;)

Gallery idol closed yesterday so good luck to everyone!! :) Heres another card i made for the competition, simple embossing, some bling (of course) and Sizzix happy birthday sign.

Jake is off school again, he has an open pore on his ear which he has had from birth. Now and again it flairs up with infection and this time they have said he will have to go for plastic surgery to get it removed. He isnt happy!! Anyways, we made some jam tarts to cheer him up - food is the only sure fire way to this kids heart!! :D (lol yes i cheated with the ready rolled pastry!)


  1. i hope your son feels better soon, and what better way to cheer up than those yummy looking jam tarts!

    looking forward to seeing what you have coming up :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. oh jam tarts make everything taste a little better!....hope that your son gets better soon. hugs Tx


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