Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Windy Wednesday!

There is a definate chill in the air today and im hoping its not a turn for the worse..........please Mr Sun just stay where you are! The kids are happy playing outside, im happy pottering around the garden and everyone I speak to is a lot happier and friendlier when the sun is out! *i will beg if i have to* :)

Last night i overdosed on calories (nothing like strawberries, ice cream and cream in hot weather - yuuummmm!) so im glad i had a lot of work to do today to burn it all off....Thankfully this morning 3 x 1 ton bags of gravel were delivered for the front garden. My lovely neighbour next door (shes a gran before any of you think it was some hunk! lol ) came and helped me rake and bucket carry all of the stones to cover the ground. We were finished by lunchtime and it really has brightened the front of the house conciderably! Now im on the look out for some pretty pots and planters and also a garden bench - it will be nice to sit out there when the boys are playing on their bikes in the close :)

I really must go and finish off the layout for tomorrow nights class but thought i would share one of the past class layouts. The red is a second layer raised up so the tags fit into pockets behind etc :) The older girl is my god daughter who i still imaging as being tiny, playing with her dolls etc when in reality shes passed her driving test and is almost 19!! EEK!

Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on this little notelet holder :) All you need is one sheet of A4 paper for the whole box - its a matter of folding it properly which i will show you using the Crafters Companion and also show you using a ruler and scoring tool for those that dont have a CC .......
Hope you are all having a lovely day - im off to catch up on some blog hopping :)


  1. Oooh Debbie - I am so having a go at that notelet holder - It's so scrummy. Cant wait x

  2. Oh looking forward to the little notelet holder tutorial and thanks for doing instructions for those without the CC too xx


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