Friday, 12 June 2009

Welcome home girls!!

Guess who arrived yesterday afternoon?? YAYYY our chickens, Milly, Tilly, Cupcake, Cocoa, Lottie and Ginger! They are really shy and still quite scared so are keeping indoors but Ginger ventured out and i managed to snap a pic of her :DMilly and Tilly poked their heads out to see what was going on but they stayed indoors.They are settling in fine though and by the time it came to close them up last night they were all wandering around the pen in the fresh air - i felt guilty locking them up after having their first taste of freedom! This morning though Ben got up at 6 to open up their gates and they all came out into the fresh air :) Will take some pics when im not in my jammies!! lol

Here are a couple more layouts i have made for the Scrapbook shop
I love Lime Rickey - the colours just pop against the white cardstock and they are so bright it makes the layout look really funky!
A little close up of the dimension...
This is the fab Lil Man range of papers and how adorable are those little clouds and star shaped chipboard buttons! I know ive scrapped these pictures before but these layouts are going to be displayed in the store so i quite enjoyed doing something different this time :)Hope you all have a lovely start to the off to get ready and go see our new girls :D


  1. I love your pages Debbie they are so contemporary and fun. Talking of fun have a great day with your new chickies x

  2. GORGEOUS LO's Missus!!!
    Welcome to the chooks!

  3. I'm jealous of the chickens and love the layouts!

  4. Two fabulous layouts Debbie - love the dimensional. I so want to have chickens myself but have lots of jungle to dig up first!

  5. love both these layout! awesome work, and the chicken are great too...I've always want to have some, but never lived anywhere that code enforcement would allow it

  6. Hi Debbie,

    I am still so excited for you about your chickens lol

    How I used to love getting up at 6 to go feed them when I was a kid :-)

    Rose XXX

  7. im so enviou so fyour chooks. Tilly is the name earmarked for our baby girl puppy that Im hankering after. Tilly Bud or Tilly Tallulah.... either way, I love Tilly

  8. "FREEDOM!" Well, that's what I imagine your new chickens would shout if they could! What a super hero you are rescuing those chickens!
    Lovely scrapbook layout too btw!

  9. Hi!!just taking the time to check you out!! Great scrappin'you have going on.. beautiful work!
    Love what you did! Welcome.. looking forward to work with you.. and the chicken are adorable


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