Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tutorial Thursday no 3.... **picture heavy!**

I love this little box! Ive worked on it all day perfecting the measurements so that its the perfect size for any treat! The fact i managed to fit in 3 mini chocolate rolls was just sweet! :)

Instructions are done so that those who have the Crafters Companion can follow the pictures too. The instructions for using a ruler and score pen will be marked * at the end of each paragraph :)

First Section.

Take an A4 sheet of paper and hold it facing landscape. With the edge against the first score line of the board, score down the second line (gatefold A5). *First score mark is at 1 1/4inches from the right hand side*
Move the paper so its touching the handle section and score down the 3rd line (Gatefold A4). *Next score mark is 3 inches from the edge of the card*
Keeping the card in the same position then score at the Half Fold A5 line. *This scoreline is 4 inches from the edge of the paper*
Turn and repeat for the other side.
Turn the card so its portrait and score down the first and second lines of your CC. *Score at 3/4 inch mark and 2inch mark - both working from the edge* Rotate and do the other side too.
Fold and score all of the lines so that they fold perfectly.
Turn the card over and cut out the sections shown below.
Place double sided tape onto the side reinforcements and the top lip of the side section. (If you have done any of my other templates you will know how to do this section)
Bring the sides up and fold the top lip over to secure.
Make sure the handles meet in the middle and thats the first section almost done!
Using a small circle punch, punch it as far into the top section of the hand at both the left and right side....

Line up the holes using a ruler and knife, cut away the central piece to leave an oval. (please excuse the rusty knife - honestly a new one is on my list of must haves!)
Trim if necessary.
Second Section.

You need to make the outer slip for your box. Depending how you have scored and folded your initial box will determine how wide you need the slip to be. Hold the box against your patterened paper and line it up with the trimmer so you get the right width.
Cut this piece from a 12inch strip down to 11.5 inches.

Line up against the handle edge of your CC and score at both the Gatefold A4 and Half fold A5 lines. *From the right hand side score the paper at 3inches and 4 1/4 inches*
Turn the paper round and butt up against the handle again. Score at the gatefold A5 mark. *2 inch from the end for those using ruler and score tool too*
Now move the score line you just created over to the gatefold A4 line and score on the half fold A5 line. * Score 1 1/4 inches from the line you just scored towards the centre of the paper - 3 1/4 inches from the edge*
Make sure it folds and fits around the box securely.
Trim the corners of your handles. This will make it easier to slip through the section you are about to cut.
Lay the outer slip facing down and measure and mark down the middle of the centre section. Cut either side of this line to create a little slit for the handle to pop through.
Ink the edges of the outer slip and the box.
Pop in the treats you are giving....
Place a strip of double sided tape down one edge of the outer slip.
This can then be fastened around the box and secured at the bottom. Decorate as you wish and take the opportunity to use up some of that older stash! I never thought i would use these stickers and cardstock again but they came in handy and matched the newer paper perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed this template - it really is a sturdy little box once made up and will hold a multitude of pressies :) Let me know how you get on!


  1. Wooooow...!! That is adorable - and such a great tutorial! You're incredibly talented!! :D

  2. A lovely box Debbie - and I love that it fits something you can buy in the UK! The sunbursts are brilliant too - I'll be trying that idea.

  3. I love the box, great idea. Can you tell me what the purple thing is in the back of the photo's? I have seen it in some of your other posts. Also thank you for your reply to my email yesterday.

    Sarah x

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments :D

    Sarah youre welcome and the purple thing is an Ultimate from Crafters Companion - click on the CC name in my post and it will take you directly to their site so you can see what it does :)

    Thanks again

  5. You always amaze me Debbie.
    Have you ever thought of working for Sara at CC, I'm sure she'd have you, no problem ;)

    Love and blessings

  6. Loving this, cant wait to try one. Where do you get your ribbons?? - i love them!!!

  7. Your boxes are so great! I hope you don't mind but I made a file for this box in Design Studio for cricut. I can see myself using this for many many occations. I also made one for the double and single cupcake boxes. What great tutorials. Is it ok if I share them on I would, of course, include a link to your blog. Thanks for all your creativity!



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