Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beautiful Geneva!

Me and mum had a fabulous time in Geneva this weekend :) I won £1000 of holiday vouchers last year as part of my Miracle mum prize (when I met Kirstie Allsopp etc) so I spent half on a weekend away for me and mum :) As it was part of mums Christmas pressie I let her choose where we would go and Geneva it was!
We arrived around 3pm on Friday and left at 9am on Monday so had 2 full days of sightseeing and wandering around the beautiful streets! It was certainly expensive (at £6.50 for a glass of orange juice!) and £25 for a pizza!! EEK We had a fabulous time though and must have walked for miles around the old town and along Lake Geneva. 3 boat rides and a solar train ride later we were aching from head to toe and having clocked up the miles by foot retired back to the room each night to sample some Swiss delicacies including jelly filled pies we saw being made on Hairy Bikers last week! lolWe will go back and have made a promise that when the lottery win comes in (and it will!!) we are heading back to stock up on some fabulous clothes from the likes of Chanel and stunning jewellery from Rolex and Chopard! *swoon*
We visited the United Nations - quite impressive and overwhelming, not sure why but I felt really glad I had visited it while we were there!
The Broken Chair. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.
It was a 10 minute visit but it was cool say we had seen the United Nations!

**edited as i posted wrong info last night about the chair - I was tired!**

Next on the bucket list.....VENICE!!

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  1. The broken chair symbolises opposition to land mines. It's nothing to do with miners... why on earth did you think that? Something lost in translation?!


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