Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Working in groups of 5...

Thats what I have decided!

Im going to work in groups of 5 from now on, knitting, crochet, baking, writing....you name it... 5 it is!
I love starting new projects and get completely sucked in, you know that 'oh my goodness where did the day go' feeling? That 'Im sure I was going to do something before I got sucked into this project' feeling?!So far today my working in groups of 5 theory has worked - I did 5 rows of my vintage crochet line blanket, 5 (ok 6) rounds of petals on my blossom cushion, 5 rows of the chunky beach/picnic blanket, wrote up 5 recipes and worked out theres 500 new projects I want to do! lol
Tomorrow I may go back to working on one project until Im done or I may stick to the 5 theory...heck I may even start 5 new projects....ooooh I like that idea!! ;)


  1. Haha sounds like the sort of thing I do. I have ufos (unfinished objects) all over lol

  2. This made me laugh, I always knit in row of 5.

    B xx

  3. Maybe I should go rooting for my unfinished crochet bits - got them stashed away somewhere :)

  4. With a gammy toe I think the only thing you should be doing is crocheting, so carry on. ;0)

    Madison xxx


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