Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A day without electricity!

The council are renewing the telegraph poles in the area so we keep having days when the electricity is turned off...thankfully they are few and far between (but secretly im wishing they happened more often)!
As we had no internet (no bloggin, surfing etc), no cooker (no baking), no television (no background noise) I took Evie into Durham and we happened to take a detour into WHSmiths - bad move!! How many new cake mags are out there?! Yes i did take a few to the counter...ok so i bought 3 cake mags and the last Mollie Makes. (New one is out tomorrow so im guessing another trip is in order!)
Lunch was had at a local farm shop as MIL was visiting so we all went out (break from the diet as i had scampi and chips but tea is only salad so not too bad!), Evie got to play on the slide and a huge wooden house type climbeing frame...too cute!Back home to a little crochet while Evie had her nap and before the boys came in from school!

The electricity is now back on, photos downloaded and dinner in the oven for the kids ..... salad here i come! :)


  1. Sounds like a great day - my youngest asked what I would like for mothers day - and I said a few magazines and a bottle of wine - but my hubby just doesnt get it!!! lol (p.s. which car boot do you go to near the sea - thinking it might be local and worth a visit??

  2. You know I quite like the odd power cut too. Life seems so peaceful without power. Not for too long though! Evie is so cute now - and she really enjoyed that playground.

  3. Who need electricity when we have crochet eh? Except in the evenings I guess!

    Sounds like a nice day. Is that a little Kool Kotton I spy there too?

    S x

  4. Sounds like a lovely day out, Evie is gorgeous

  5. Sounds a wonderful day!! That Crochet looks rather good too! What wool is that you are using? Andrea

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day. I could do without all the electronic distractions more often as well.


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