Saturday, 24 March 2012

Eye candy - part 3!

Go grab a coffee, you will need it...honestly go now before I start..I will wait :)

Ok, are you sitting comforably, then I will begin!
I have seen so many blogs lately linking to the latest Selina Lake book Homespun Style. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I looked at the photos shared and ooh'd and ahh'd and it happened to just fall into my basket (isnt it amazing how often that happens with online shops!) lol
It arrived and with trepidation and fear of over hyping this book I sat ready to look through! I cant be the only one who gets excited at looking over other peoples homes and 'stuff' - Am I?Coffee in hand and Evie settled in front of the PS3 playing football with Ethan, everyone else squirrelled away to their rooms doing homework etc I decided to indulge in a little more eye candy....oooh ...and ahhh, oops did I just spill some coffee....Hubby doesnt get it - says theres too much 'stuff' - I love 'stuff'! I love seeing piles of tea towels, trinket bowls full of sparkles, crockery piled until it looks like it might topple over...
**sigh** this book makes me happy! :)

As if that wasnt enough I want to share a treasure with you...OH MY WORD this book is to die for! A hardback book with photography to die for! Each and every project will have you following my little conversation with self, it went a little like this..

Oooh im so making those birds...Ooh that cushion is gorgeous, I will make that one first..How cute are those boots, those first...or the jumper...Nooooooo that one first!
How delicious is this crib! I know I cant make that but heck how adorable is that little rosebud blanket!
I so need that pouffee...and cushions!!
*sigh and sigh again* This happy bunny just got a little happier! :)


  1. OOh I made felt bird danglies like that for my sisters one Christmas. I used up beads and stuff between the birds and they were so cool... I wish I'd kept myself one :( I can't wait to see what you make. Love ya xx

  2. My husband didn't get Homespun style either. He likes minimalism. Ugh, give me cute and beautiful things like in this book and I am happy.


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