Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers Day!

Breakfast in bed - check!
Day with no housework - check!
Hubby made dinner - check!
Spend from 9.30pm until 5.30am in Accident and Emergency with a dislocated toe! - CHECK!

**If you dont like feet look away**

Yep, what a way to finish off an otherwise perfect day. Rolling around on the floor after a run in with Scott (poor kid was in tears thinking it was his fault but we were all messing around), foot went one way, toe went the other!
Hubby dropped me at A&E where i sat feeling worse and worse (he had gone home to keep an eye on the kids as the wait time was said to be around 4 hours), lip went tingly which is an indication im going to pass out (believe me i know the feeling after passing out every Monday during assembly at school when they made us stand for half an hour!) - apprently I went a lovely shade of yellow/green then all I remember is coming too almost upside down on a trolley in the hospital hallway! There i stayed until 2 x-rays, 4 shots of local (in through the same two holes to try and ease the pain a little - nope didnt work!) and a dose of gas & air later they tried twice to pop the bone back into place - Oh My Word!! Gas and air took away all the pain of childbirth but didnt touch the pain of my toe last night!
Im now strapped up and have been told not to wear heels for a while - heck im not sure i can even get shoes on let alone heels!

** bonus though - at least I looked skinny on the x-ray** ;)

Flying to Geneva on Friday so Im hoping the ache and swelling will have gone down by then!


  1. erm ouch! and double ouch! xx hope its fine for when you go away x

  2. Ooooh read this while eating my breakfast - not a good move!!

    You poor thing - hopefully the worst is over and it will be better for your break! Excuse the pun!

  3. Oooohhh Debbie, looks nasty, hope you can get back in your heels soon xxx

  4. Oh no Debbie! Poor you. Hope the swelling and pain disappears soon, so you can get your shoes on for Geneva! ;-)
    Hugs, Victoria ~x~

  5. So sorry for you, know the 'fainty' feeling...horrid! It may be Flip-flops in Geneva. A Mothering Sunday that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Good luck

    Hugs Helena D.

  6. There's only one word appropriate here...


    Hope you foot feels better soon xx

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I sympathise with the A+E thing. Broke my ankle tripping over my sewing machine cable and had to wait till the next day to get it fixed properly! Hope you're feeling better.

  8. ouch..... poor you... now this is gonna be a pain in the butt for weeks for you yet....

  9. Yikes Debbie! What a way to spend Mothering Sunday - poor you! Hope the pain gets better soon..... you really shouldn't wear those 6 inch heels you know :o)


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