Friday, 23 March 2012

Eye Candy - Part 2!

Didnt want to leave you hanging too long before sharing some more pics from my new books!

I love sitting outside in the summer making crochet blankets etc (I taught myself in the summer of 09 - here) so it only stood that I would spend some of my trade in pennies on new crochet books in the run up to this years sunny season!

The lovely Deanne from Quirky Boots recommended this book to me and boy does she know what I like!
Crocheted throws and wraps is filled with everything from lace wraps to heavy shaker style throws this book sent me into a tizz on what to try thinking this Navajo blanket is a must...
...or maybe this puff baby sweet?!!

Next up is the Cute & Easy crocheted Baby Clothes book - this book is so colourful and full of pretty accessories that look easy enough to make all the way up to a wardrobe of beautiful dresses and shawls and jackets!Tomorrow - be still my heart I have saved the best for last!

I will share pictures (believe me it will be picture heavy!) from the gorgeous Homespun Style (ive seen this on so many blogs lately and now I know why!!) and Knitting at Home. (JUST WOW!)


  1. Lovley books Debbie. I've got to thank you for telling me about Amazon Trade In. I'd never heard of it before and after a quick search last night, it seems I'm sitting on a book shelf gold mine. A de-cluttering of books is planned for the weekend. Thank you.

    Madison xxx

  2. it is a fab book isnt it :)
    and i didnt know about trade in either, so i'm off to have a looksie :) x


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