Monday, 12 March 2012

First carboot sale of the season - done!

My littlest sis stayed over on Saturday night and we headed out to our first carboot sale of the season! SO much to get rid of so started off lightly at a local indoor one but at the end of the month we are heading to the big seafront one - love it there, its so busy and so fast paced that the day go by so quickly!

Its another glorious day out there today so i have been out taking a few shots of the new blossom coming through at the bottom of the garden ...cant wait until the tree is in full bloom - Crunchy seems to be enjoying the weather too! Tonight i will start another project, with this wool ... going to make a picnic blanket but make it so that it can be used as a blanket for us on the beach, for some reason i can see us all huddled watching the sun going down under this blanket!

Just waiting for a delivery then i think i will pop little miss in her buggy and go for a wander - its too nice a day not to!

What are your plans today?

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