Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Busy making and sharing and eating and writing and knitting and sewing and..... you get the idea :)

Yummy Malibu meringue frosting...
Coconut and lime cake with malibu meringue frosting and toasted coconut flakes :) *see my Emma Bridgewater cup in the background - its my very first and thought i deserved a treat - just a small one though so its one of the mini cups - i have to build up to spending £17 on a mug you know!!*
Cardigan which wass too small once sewn up so is now back to being balls of wool before i commence on the next size up!
I love knitting blankets - seeing the whole thing taking shape and having it lying over your knee keeping you warm as you knit it together! This one is made from 4 balls of pompom wool and is the perfect size for a poorly little girl...


  1. That cardi is cute! Was it a pattern for the wool or self striping yarn?

  2. Shirl it was just a snuggly chunky snowdrops pattern 1289 but ive just used Sirdar Crofters chunky wool :)

  3. Good to see you back...hope you are all recovering and on the way to good health.
    Your cake looks scrummy!

  4. Love that blanket - I've used that pom pom wool for a scarf but never thought of a blanket - may I ask how many stitches you cast on? I have to say cake looks mouth watering. Glad to see you back. XX

  5. You must visit the Factory shop in HanleyStoke on Trent for some Bridgewater bits....they also have a pottery painting cafe too..... I went for my hen do and we still use the breakfast set my friends created 12 years on!!


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