Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st Day of Spring!

I love to decorate for the season, whether it be the fireplace, bunting, wreaths or table centrepieces.  I have started on our spring décor and thought it might be nice to share some ideas with you over the next couple of weeks :)
I have lots of these metal rings and to be honest they've sat here for years, I have used the polystyrene rings to make wreaths before but the metal rings kinda scared me!  
Don't know why...?! 
It could be down to the amount of blank space or the thought of filling in those whole two rings with little bits of ribbon that got me...could I really sacrifice that much ribbon on a wreath!? haha
Anyways, after finding a renewed love for my sewing machine I was digging in the sewing box and found a pink sheet of brushed cotton and also an old skirt which I had bought  from a charity shop for the purpose of using the fabric for something - im guessing this was it!
After cutting both into strips with pinking shears I started attaching with a simple knot. It didn't take too long to cover the whole wreath and to be honest was quite therapeutic while watching tv! 
After Evie picked it up and proclaimed it would be Amelias for above her cot I decided not to add any little Easter eggs or twiggy bits to it for the season but will display it as it is - the pretty pinks certainly say Spring :)
 I will definitely be making more for different seasons!

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  1. It looks so delicate and beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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